What I do

I design and build web applications.

Specializing in designing the user experience around functional workflows, simplified navigation and responsive design based on research, analytics and usability testing. My preferred method of doing this is to both talk extensively with the users and stakeholders, design user interfaces based on their requirements and actual workflows, build functional prototypes and test these with all parties involved. Gather feedback and iterate.

The Javascript stack is where I find myself working mostly using Node.js-based frameworks like Express, Meteor or Harp and while I prefer to write code in Jade and Stylus, I can also write Haml, Sass and Mustache-family templates as need be. And static HTML and CSS if that is your preference. I'm agnostic in regards to CSS frameworks and can easily implement solutions using Bootstrap, Foundation or other front-end frameworks.

In the past I have worked as a consultant with firms in the financial and pharmaceutical industries such as Fidelity Management & Resource Company, State Street Global Advisors, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and ADQSR. Outside of large firms, I have also worked with startup ventures like MallNetworks, Wis.dm and Gobi.com.

Recent Work

Fiftythree: Support Website

  • I helped Fiftythree rebuild and transform their existing support website by architecting a framework coupled with workflows that would allow non-technical support team members to update and deploy content without the aid of content management systems or blogging frameworks.
  • Fiftythree

MineralTree: Payments Dashboard

  • Coming onto the project during a critical phase, I worked alongside the design and product team to update, rework and create dashboard views for integration in a JSF platform while providing user experience guidance and consultation.
  • MineralTree

Rapid7: Razor/UserInsight

  • I worked together with the product and engineering teams to bring about a simpler and more concise user experience, providing working prototypes, wireframes and analysis. Conceptualized with a working title of Razor, the product would later be released as UserInsight, gathering data on cloud service usage from within client organizations.
  • Rapid7

Style Me Pretty: Complete UX Redesign

  • Working alongside Style Me Pretty's ownership, design, engineering and customer service teams, I helped craft a solution that would transform the company's website from a static offering to a more interactive and responsive approach.
  • Style Me Pretty

The Ring Boxing Club: New Design Implementation

  • Given a finalized visual design, I developed the website using the Radiant CMS, extending basic functionality with jQuery to enable customer engagement with free trials and class appointments.
  • The Ring Boxing Club